Dear Gossips,

Kathleen told me yesterday that she’d sent an article over to Duana that she hadn’t shared with me which I completely understood because it’s about musical theatre. But then she changed her mind because it’s not just about musical theatre but musical theatre teens. A few hours later, Duana ended up texting the same article to me because, as she put it, “I know you love to save long reads for the weekends but you might need this one sooner. It is SO much joy”.

This is “7 Days With the Most Talented Theatre Teens in the Country” by Natalie Walker for Vulture, an unapologetic musical theatre geek, who understands that you cannot write about the extra-ness of musical theatre without being extra EXTRA yourself. Natalie is doing the most here, and I mean that in the best possible way. This essay on the Jimmy Awards, aka the high school Tony Awards, aka the National High School Musical Theatre Awards is a loving dedication to “earnestness and effort”, honouring a group of young people who are choosing to try and care – more than you thought anyone was capable of caring. Teens are already super dialled up on their feelings. Musical theatre teen feelings are volcanic. 

And musical theatre teens understand more than anyone that emotion comes in multiple forms. That passion is both dramatic and comedic. Which is why this piece is so exhilaratingly funny. I lost my mind several times – at the angsty outbursts, at the presence of all the scarves, at the VIBRATO. 

Mostly though I loved the experience of being guided into a space by someone who knows it completely, who understands its beauty and its burden, and who can therefore allow it to be seen the way it should be seen. Click here to read about the Jimmy Awards. I promise it’ll be a great start to your day. 

Yours in gossip,