I forgot that Robert Downey Jr was on the cover of the first issue of Details. And that, back then, before he became Tony Stark, he would be into having a tattoo stickered onto his chest. Does his face look like it’s been photoshopped onto his body? Because his head looks weird to me in this shot. (Dlisted) 

This is a pretty dress on Leslie Mann. And PS I am totally going to see Blockers this weekend and I want to be in the silliest mood to laugh at parents getting all fussed about eggplant emojis. Back to Leslie’s dress though – it’s a great pattern and the colour is nice but… is it either too long or too short? Something about the length is off for me. (Go Fug Yourself)
Oh well now I can’t wait to see this editorial. Supposedly Amal Clooney’s done a photo shoot on at her English estate. Which means we’ll get to see inside the Clooney Manor. Here’s a checklist of what I hope will be included: a shot of her closet, obviously; a shot of the bar, since this is the house that tequila bought; George cooking in the kitchen; and definitely, definitely, definitely we need to see the dogs. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Millie, their basset hound. As for the twins? I mean I don’t need them and I don’t think we’ll get them but I feel like a lot of you might be down for some baby sh-t. (Cele|bitchy) 

Two quizzes! I was going to say that one quiz is for Duana and one quiz is for me but, actually, we both love teen sh-t and we both love Hamilton although she’s definitely the Hamilton expert in these parts. I do not however understand how I ended up being Lady Bird because Duana is so f-cking Lady Bird, I said it out loud during the first minute of the movie. It makes total sense though that I’m Aaron Burr. Of course I’m Aaron Burr. (Buzzfeed) 

Like so many others, I will miss Aaliyah forever. So, of course, I’m waiting for the Aaliyah makeup collection. Of course I am. And I want so badly for that shade of nude/brown to work on me but I have a feeling it won’t go with my skin tone. Hoping too that there will be a great eyebrow pencil because I feel like I have not adequately appreciated Aaliyah for her brow game. She had amazing, amazing eyebrows.  (The Cut) 

They’re bringing back the Versace butterfly. Is $600 too much to spend on a one-piece bathing suit? Because I f-cking NEED this butterfly bathing suit in my life. It’s so goddamn perfect. Check out how the butterflies become vertical stripes. It’s a striped butterfly bathing suit and I HAVE TO HAVE IT but motherF-CKER it’s not even available yet and it’s f-cking out of stock, F---------CKKKKK! (The Hollywood Reporter)