I was flipping through photo thumbnails on the database and as I passed these, seeing the baby very quickly, I thought to myself, that really is Orlando Bloom’s face on an infant’s body!

The infant, of course, is his son Flynn, with his wife Miranda Kerr, arriving in Sydney, apparently for the first time since Flynn was born. Flynn’s going to be a good traveller. He obviously didn’t mind the 18 hour plane ride. Look at that big smile. Cute, right? But, just me, or is that child supersized? I’ve googled. Flynn is 6 months old. That seems like a big 6 months is all I’m saying.

Did you see those photos a couple of weeks ago of Orlando hugging Kate Bosworth? It was a convenient little play by Kate as, well, she thought maybe Alexander Skarsgard would notice. More on those two tomorrow.The photographer claims that Orly was just driving by and saw Kate getting into her car...so he pulled over and they greeted each other.

Just like that, on a residential street? Really?

I heard Bloom was in a proper panic about the shots. And it would not surprise anyone if they had played out the scene over again in order to give up a better picture but swap out some of the details. Like how he ended up there in the first place. NB – there’s nothing, nothing, nothing between Orly and Kate now aside from mutual friends. Totally nothing. He is devoted to Miranda. But he was also very worried about how she’d react to these getting out. Maybe next time be very, very wary about the ex.

Photos from Flynetonline.com