This isn’t a post about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance although Swifties were losing their sh-t yesterday when a new video from the Mahomes Foundation gala was posted showing Travis kissing Taylor repeatedly on the shoulder. 


To extend my point from yesterday, when I wrote about him referring to her as “my significant other”, this move is not giving “significant other”, it is giving “girlfriend” – which I prefer!

In other Taylor news though… 


There’s been all kinds of speculation about whether or not TNT will be at the Met Gala together. Her tour resumes in Paris on May 9 so, technically, she could be in New York next Monday and hop on the jet and head to France right after. Late yesterday Page Six came strong – but maybe wrong – with an exclusive, citing a source who told them that Taylor would indeed be at the Met Gala but that it was “unclear” if Travis would attend with her. 

A few hours later though, PEOPLE enters the chat with their own story, countering Page Six’s exclusive and reporting definitively that they have confirmed that Taylor will be “sitting out fashion’s biggest night”. 

Page Six doesn’t always get it right but they’re not the Daily Mail, and they’re in New York so they’re on the ground with a lot of what they publish about what’s happening in the city. Still, PEOPLE seems pretty locked on this, and PEOPLE is known to be very celebrity-friendly. For them to report this confidently that Taylor will in fact not be in attendance is rather telling. And on top of that TMZ’s also in alignment about TNT skipping the Met Gala. 


So what’s going on over at Page Six? 

Just a bad source? Or a deliberately bad source? 

I’ve written before about Page Six and Taylor – specifically last fall when Page Six was reporting on her friends and how they weren’t entirely supportive of Taylor’s relationship with Travis. At the time, I wondered whether or not Taylor and her publicist, Tree Paine, were trying to smoke out a rat. And now I’m wondering this again. If they maybe intentionally let it slip to someone they thought was sus that she would be going to the Met Gala to see if that piece of information might find its way out there and then they’d be able to trace it back. 

I mean, sure, it’s entirely possible that she really is going to the Met Gala and she’s trying to downplay expectations so as to make her appearance a total surprise but then again, I feel like if there’s any publication Taylor and Tree would want to burn, it would be Page Six over PEOPLE. Let’s talk about this at The Squawk today. (app link here)