Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are divorcing. As always, I continue to hope for the best for Britney. If it’s not with this guy, so be it. (Celebitchy)

Harper Bazaar’s September “Icons” issue features Paul Mescal, Kendall Jenner, and Doja Cat. I guess they’re trying to compete with Vogue’s September issue with this? If so, it’s not meeting the level of the Supers. (Go Fug Yourself)


I am OBSESSED with the damp billionaire who wants to live to be 200. Why are the tech bros so f-cking afraid of death? I get the general existential horror of the unknown, but these dudes are like, VERY afraid of death. What’s that saying? If you’ve lived a good life, you greet death as an old friend? Maybe they’re not living good lives. (Pajiba)

Even though film criticism is in a terrible way, film viewing isn’t. Oppenheimer is driving cinephiles to great lengths to see the film in Christopher Nolan’s masterful 70mm/IMAX edition—which is, truly, a STUNNING render of the film. There are currently just 30 screens in the entire world capable of showing the film in this format (though many more that can show the digital IMAX version, or the standard 70mm celluloid reels). Those 30 screens account for $17 million of Oppenheimer’s box office. If we end up getting more screens that can show large celluloid formatted films as a result, we have all won. (Variety)

Kanhietiio Horn returned to Reservation Dogs for an episode centered on her “Deer Lady” character. Deer Lady was first introduced in season one, and now she’s back for a horror story set amidst a residential school. I know this has been a big topic of conversation in Canada, but in the US, residential schools are not widely understood, so this is a significant leap forward in the conversation in the US. Reservation Dogs is always good, but this episode is OUTSTANDING. Matt Zoller Seitz has an interview with episode director Danis Goulet that is well worth reading. (Vulture)