Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are engaged. Apparently he was waiting for the ring to be ready until he proposed and it was a special design. I mean, I think the “special design” part here is the size. It’s enormous, even by celebrity standards. Anyway, now we’re finding out how much it cost. Which would basically scare the sh-t out of me. What if it breaks?! Also when’s the last time you wore your nice jewellery? Jacek gave me a ring for our ten year wedding anniversary and I used to wear it every day on camera but it’s been over four months since I last put it on. I wonder if it still fits. My jeans don’t. (Dlisted) 


Where I live, parents are waiting for word from the government and the school boards about what school will look like in September. Understandably, this is a tricky balance. Kids are hurting from not being around their friends and being in this weird time of distancing for months. On the other hand, the pandemic isn’t over and how to manage mental and physical health is the dilemma that administrators are wrestling with. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect, easy solution even though Donald Trump has been talking that way, not really considering all the factors and opening space for conversation and threatening to just impose a blanket decision for all schools to reopen. His youngest child’s school, however, doesn’t seem to be in agreement with him. (Cele|bitchy) 

I am often fascinated by celebrity airplane attire – and regular people airplane attire – because plane attire for me is comfort first and sometimes, some of the outfits I see on a plane don’t look all that comfortable. Elizabeth Taylor, however, took that to another level back in the day with this outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I love this question: what movie villain did you agree with? If you consider Eleanor Young a movie villain in Crazy Rich Asians, well then it’s not that I agree with her but I sympathise with her and she made the film. Also… Reality Bites. The villain in that movie is Ben Stiller’s character but… really… Michael is not a villain. Troy Dyer is the f-ckboy. (Pajiba) 

Have you seen The Kissing Booth 2 yet? Madison Malone Kircher has a lot of questions about it. They are very, very, very good questions. If you’re looking for a teen movie that doesn’t leave you with so many questions, I suggest The Half of It, if you haven’t seen it yet. Or you could just finally start listening to me and watch It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. It’s not about teens but it’s very, very romantic and will give you so many feels, you might not be able to handle them. (Vulture) 

Attached - Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich together in LA the other day.