Some celebrity love updates to kick off the weekend. 

The Harry Styles and Taylor Russell rumours started in June after the two were seen spending time together in London. Then Taylor showed up in an exclusive access area during one of his shows, sitting with members of the crew.


Following the conclusion of his tour, Harry went on holiday with some friends and showed off his “Olivia” tattoo. Now, back in London, he attended press night for The Effect the other night in support of Taylor. This is her stage debut, and reviews have been solid – the Evening Standard called her “quietly mesmerising”. I imagine this must be such a turn-on, and they’re trading turn-ons. First Taylor watching Harry doing his thing in concert, and now he’s in the audience watching her do her thing, and for the first time, at the National Theatre. It is sexy when someone is good at their job. This, 100%, is part of the attraction between them. 

Harry kept a low-profile at the event so as not to pull focus, but new photos have been released of him and Taylor looking pretty close. You can see them here. At this point, I think we can call it, this is a thing. 

To another couple with the same nationality combination – like Harry, Jodie Turner-Smith is British and like Taylor, Joshua Jackson is Canadian. Jodie and Joshua left for dinner holding hands last night in LA. The update here is that there has been some mild speculation about the status of their relationship because they haven’t been photographed that much and don’t post about each other as much as they used to. Seems fine for now though, right? 


Also, they were on the picket lines together a couple of weeks ago. 


The speculation about Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton, however, was right on target. They’re no longer together, apparently they broke up in the spring, and he’s been seen the last few weeks with Emma Corrin. The Sun has new photos of the two from earlier this week hanging out at a pub. According to eyewitnesses they were kissing and holding hands. 

Also attached - more shots of Taylor Russell the other night at The Effect after party.