Dear Gossips,

And now it’s time for me to ask you, as I do on a weekly basis, whether or not you’re watching Insecure – and if not, why not? I don’t know how I would manage if there had been social media in my life when I was single. Because what Lawrence was doing in his sparsely furnished apartment? Creeping Facebook to check on who Issa’s been spending time with? That would have been me. For hours. Days. What was particularly satisfying about it being Lawrence though, at least for me, is that when you’re the one on that side of a breakup, going for a drive at 2am only to end up two doors down from his house to see whether or not he’s home (the 1990s version of social media creeping), when you’re that person, often what ends up happening is that you think you’re the ONLY person. Whoever you’re missing, unfortunately, doesn’t miss you back. Or at least that’s not what you believe. And when we do see scenes like Lawrence’s, too often it’s the woman who’s pining. Maybe what Insecure gave me on Sunday with Lawrence was fantasy-fulfillment, closure for all the times I was a borderline stalker after getting dumped. Or maybe Issa Rae and the Insecure writers are just giving us – and showing us – the democratic truth about heartbreak. I feel better thinking that, perhaps, I wasn’t the only loser sitting in my car at 2am desperate for information but at the same afraid of the information …and hoping to not get caught.

Chasing Game Of Thrones with Insecure is currently my favourite television habit, the best part of every Sunday. And after this coming weekend, it might never happen again. Because they’re saying that Season 8 of Game Of Thrones may not premiere until 2019, depending on their shoot schedule. Production on S8 won’t begin until October. There are only 6 expected episodes, with each episode rumoured to be the length of a feature film – perhaps 80 or 90 minutes. Which means more time in post. Whatever happens on Sunday, then, must be savoured.

PS. You don’t really think Dro is telling the truth about being in an “open” marriage, do you?

Yours in gossip,