Thank you for your emails about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. I’m trying to get to it. But the audio is almost an hour long! I have trouble with a song that’s over three minutes and the Super Bowl just happened, and the BAFTAs, and the Oscars are six days away, and I’m putting all my thrusters into getting BTS tickets, so I’m listening to that sh-t like two minutes at a time and I was thinking I might do it on the plane in a couple of days but is that really the right content to be listening to on a flight? Not sure I want to be flying with that mess in my head. Anyway my point is it might take me a few days and process some thoughts. In the meantime, here’s Dlisted’s take on the situation. Until either Amber or Johnny decide to leak something else. (Dlisted) 

Brad Pitt wasn’t at the BAFTAs because of “family commitments” and now The Sun in the UK is saying that it’s because Maddox wanted to see him which… first of all, it’s The Sun. When they’re not getting exclusive tips from inside Kensington Palace or Rebekah Vardy, they don’t have the best track record where Brad is concerned. They were the ones who said that Brad and Charlize were a thing, remember? (Cele|bitchy)

Prince William and Catherine visited Mumbles, Wales today and it is, indeed, as the FUG Girls say, a gloriously named place. Kate accented with red and hearts on her scarf. Proceeds from the sale of this scarf go to a charity that aims to “end human slavery”. I am trying very, very, very hard not to mention a certain relative’s name here. Very, very hard. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you seen this yet? I f-cking love that David Letterman was on with Desus and Mero. Which means, of course, that David Letterman loves Desus and Mero. Because David Letterman doesn’t have to show up anywhere on anyone else’s show. But here he is, hanging out with Desus and Mero and talking sh-t about Quentin Tarantino. This is the content we need. (Pajiba) 

Remember when David Letterman hosted the Oscars? Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah. Anyway, the Oscars are less than a week away. And here’s a list of the weirdest Oscar moments. (The Ringer)