I can imagine that most actors would jump at the chance to work with Steven Spielberg so if he calls you up, and you’re Michelle Williams, and you’re invited to take on this role, which is so important to him, obviously, how do you even say no? There was no way she would say no, right? (Dlisted)


The Dior Fall 2021 show was filmed in Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors. Cool location for sure. But… do you think they used the venue to its full effect? Or, rather, do you think this collection in particular was suited for the location? It’s fall, so I get that the colours might not be what traditionally are thought of as “spring and summer” colours. But the whole thing looks like one shade so the clothes don’t exactly stand out. Whatever. I’m not a French fashion director so who gives a f-ck what I think. It’s just that when you’re presenting digitally during the pandemic, and no one is actually there, you do want the images to pop. I think? (Go Fug Yourself)

A lot of us watched The Queen’s Gambit. Will we want to watch The Queen’s Gambit…the musical? I don’t know if the experience is quite the same, you know? Part of what I liked about the series was watching Beth think through her chess moves. And that works on television but does it work on stage? Or will she be, like, singing through her chess thoughts? (Cele|bitchy)

For those of you who are Outlanders, Sam Heughan did a documentary about men in kilts on a road trip and at some point got naked so … you might be into this. Or you’ve already seen it because you’re an Outlander. (OMG Blog)

We’re talking about whether or not Drake and Kim Kardashian had a thing again. You know what would be even more mind-blowing? If Drake and Kim were the next power couple. In terms of volume, it would be Great for Gossip. I’m not saying I want it to happen, I’m not saying I’d be into it, I’m saying it would be Great for Gossip, the churn would be endless. (Cosmopolitan)

Attached: Kim in Paris on for Fashion Week last year.