See what I mean about Kylie Jenner’s style? There is no style. Of all the things she could have worn to the SNL after-party, how is this style? And yet… she has a clothing line now. And people will buy it. And I will continue to maintain that this is not fashion. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Meghan Markle stepped out with a friend the other day for lunch and the first thing I noticed wasn’t the outfit but her red nails. Because it’s been a minute since we’ve talked about her nail polish – and whether or not dark colour nail polish was or wasn’t allowed. (Cele|bitchy) 

Tom Ford is talking about what goes into designing underwear for men, and specifically designing underwear that promotes dick size. I don’t want to turn this into a discussion on how too much focus on dick size actually traps men into this pressure of… having big dicks. So I’ll focus on the fashion because he is a fashion designer, and personally I don’t give a sh-t about dick size when I’m looking at a man in a pair of pants. I just want the pants to fit properly and a giant dick actually does not enhance the way the clothes look on the body. That said I totally believe he would get right up there in the business and trim the ass hairs. (OMG Blog) 


Is the King Charles honeymoon phase over? He gave his first Opening of Parliament speech the other day and, I guess, wanted to go full blast on the regalia but then, at the same time, talked about cost of living and the juxtaposition of this man wearing a crown and a cape and sitting on a throne claiming to care about the economics that civilians are struggling with every day was… a choice. (The Mary Sue) 

My favourite read of the day – and it has to do with a golden toilet that’s been used by over 100,000 people and it was stolen and it’s still missing and there’s been an ongoing investigation. The whole thing is hilarious in and of itself but Brian Grubb’s writing makes it even funnier. I’m particularly interested in this because I am currently obsessed with the toilets here in Japan. I mean this country knows a f-cking toilet! I live in dread every day of coming back to North America and having to sit on the cold toilet in my home. Every Japanese toilet I have used in the last ten days has been warm and considerate and clean. And none of them have been gold and stolen. (Uproxx)