Welcome back to a new season of What’s Your Drama! We've missed you! Thank you for all your patience during our hiatus and if you’re new to the podcast - we are so happy that you’ve tuned in!

On today’s show we kick it off by unpacking our interview with Anna Wintour.  This is the first time that Lainey and I have actually talked about it since it happened six weeks ago. What does she smell like? Did she take her shades off? And was she nice to us? We hope you enjoy our detailed thoughts as well as the fear that still remains in our souls.  

And then we get into your questions! First, we discuss what to do if you suspect your husband is being, well, suspect - do you trust your gut or logic? Is our writer overreacting or is there a legit concern when he seems to dodge the prospect of having her join him on his work trip?  

And lastly, how does one confront a friend who always bails on plans? Is there more to it than her being flaky? Should she go in gangster and call her out on it, or is there something more complicated happening underneath it all? 

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