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On today's show:

First up, Lainey gives us all the play by play on her elevator run-in with Henry Golding and how he will basically be haunted by her for the rest of his days on earth. Lainey never does embarrassing shit so this goes down as one of my favorites. Enjoy.

Then we dive into your DRAMA!

What to do when you and your partner don't have the same vision for the future? Should you end it right away or is there a possibility that you can find a happy medium? Spoiler alert: don't take my advice.

Then, the art of selling yourself.  We give our advice on how to ask for more dough at your job, especially when you know your other colleagues are making more than you.    

Finally, is it ever cool to re-ignite an old Facebook friendship after decades of not talking, especially when um, you're in a relationship.  

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Attached: Henry Golding at in New York last week promoting Last Christmas.