Technical note before we get into things. The audio is a little less than perfect now that Lainey and I will be social distance podcasting, but we have one little tweak to make it better for next time so don't lose your balls - we are working on it. Please see attached this high tech set up we've got going on. With that said though, there's still enough drama to go around!

First up, how do you Instagram block someone who is no longer your friend? Is there a time limit to when you can do that and is there ever even a damn point?

Our next letter is a doozie. Our writer wants to know how to ignore a friend after her friend abandoned a dog. I repeat ABANDONED a dog. 

Finally, we end on yet another friend drama. How do you stop your good friend from always talking about her work? Which leads me to ask you to vote on something. What's worse: Someone telling you about their dreams or someone telling you about all their work details? 

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