After a couple weeks off we are back in good form with a whole lotta drama! But before we dive in Lainey would like to talk about her courageous spirit and how BTS got her through a "tough" time.

Then we get into YOUR drama! First up, what do you do when your friend joins a pyramid scheme and tries to push the goods on your friendship? Can you mix business with pleasure, even if it's a bit culty?

Next, how long should you wait until you're sleepover official? Our writer is trying to figure out why her boyfriend won't stay the night. Lainey and I are sniffing out why that might be.....

Finally, our last writer doesn't know how to deal with their partner getting hot. But not just hot, hotter than they are. Should they just sit back and reap the rewards or should they try and match hot for hot. 

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Attached - Justin and Hailey Bieber out in LA yesterday.