If you’re around tomorrow, don’t forget I’ll be posting photos from the Spirit Awards so come visit if you want to see photos from the red carpet!

I was working all morning from the Oscars red carpet where they’re still putting together the design elements. And it’s pouring rain here in LA, a miserable cold day that doesn’t matter, really, so long as by Sunday it’s warm and sunny, which, so far, it’s supposed to be. Anyway, the etalk spot on the red carpet, every year, is right beside E!’s. So for a while I was doing some remote hits standing on Ryan Seacrest’s usual spot. As of post time, he’s still expected to be there and Kelly Ripa is publicly showing her support for him. So, once again, a woman has to step up in an uncomfortable situation when it’s the man who’s been accused of sh-tty behaviour. All she wants is stability on her show! She went through a mess with Michael Strahan and the presumed safest choice they could ever have picked for her co-host is now a f-cking heatscore. (Dlisted) 

Kathleen is travelling today, on her way here to LA, so she couldn’t write about this. If she were around though, for sure she would have taken the opportunity to sob her way through an entire post about both Chadwick Boseman and Donald Glover. Atlanta premiered last night, season 2, did you watch? I have it on PVR waiting for me at home, a reward for after Oscar weekend. When Atlanta is on, it’s the BEST show on television. If you haven’t already, go back for Season 1 and then enjoy Season 2. (Pajiba)
Elton John goes off on his fans for trying to touch him. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to be touched by randoms either. I barely even hug my own husband. That said, Elton’s fans feel about him the way I feel about Elvis. If I was alive during Elvis’s prime, and for me his prime was the 68 Comeback Special, I feel like I would have tried to touch him. Last year, when I went to Graceland, it took every ounce of discipline not to charge up those stairs and bust into his bedroom, which is strictly off-limits to everyone except for Priscilla and Lisa Marie. (TMZ) 
What did the Oscars look like 10 years ago? Here’s a gallery of the dresses – and the one I remember most from this year and will remember always is Marion Cotillard in that exquisite white scalloped Jean Paul Gaultier, HOLY F-CK that dress. This is what you want: to win an Oscar in the best possible dress you could possibly wear. And she did. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Will Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding? I don’t see how that’s a problem on either side. For Meghan Markle, it’s like, oh hey, thanks for coming on the day all attention will be on ME – and being part of it. For Chelsy and Cressida, it’s a reminder of what they’re not missing. Harry said several times after breaking up with both of them that the person he would marry would need to step into a life of eternal scrutiny, and neither Chelsy nor Cressida was interested. He really was destined to be with a celebrity. (Cele|bitchy) 

My favourite, favourite pre-Oscars article! Why? Because I love the Oscars and I LOVE SH-T. Anyone in my life will tell you that sh-t is my favourite topic. I talk about it, I think about it, I’m obsessed with it. Because I don’t do it very often. So sh-t, for me, is an obsession. Do celebrities have to sh-t when they’re on a red carpet though? They eat so clean weeks before the Oscars, I’m pretty sure they’re pretty regular. Even I’m regular at the Oscars, because I’m eating clean before the Oscars too. And I’m working out a lot, which totally helps with elimination. Yesterday I went for a run and then I had cake for the first time in weeks. You know what happened? I had a great sh-t this morning. Tomorrow I’m going for an intense workout. And on Sunday morning I’m going to go for a quick run. You know what’s going to happen before I put on my outfit on Sunday? Hopefully a sh-t. (Huffington Post)