This is about a relatively new young couple making headlines for their romance, both with their respective spotlights. For months now, one of them has been putting together a special project that’s expected to last for almost a year, with cameras following everywhere, documenting everything. Recently though, producers were given a heads up that the new love interest would be open to making appearances, and that they’d agreed to show intimate moments. Because of this new development, shooting plans and budgets would have to change. Which is fine. They have a lot of money to spend so the concern isn’t financial and the potential reach is a major selling feature. It’ll be exclusive and it’ll generate a lot of attention. 

What’s curious, though, is that the offer also came with a guarantee. Again, they’re projecting a shoot schedule of several months and they’ve now been promised that the couple would be together for the entire duration. That there would be no change in relationship status the whole time. Which is a weird assurance to make, especially considering these two are young and beautiful and famous and infamous and love is volatile in any circumstance, exponentially more when it’s being observed. Still, that’s what’s on the table. And that’s why some people are like… really? Can we really put that on paper? How do you know? How can you be so certain? Why are you being so certain? 

You can understand then that behind the scenes there’s some skepticism. Either they’re really naïve and stupid, always possible considering the players here, and actually believe they can make it or they’re not naïve and stupid and in fact quite calculating and strategic about being in love and benefitting from it in the process or it’s only about benefit and not at all about reality. We won’t know for a while. But watch for it over the next year to 18 months or so.