Duana and I discussed the Spice Girls reunion on the latest episode of Show Your Work. Specifically we talked about what’s in it for Victoria Beckham. VB’s been all about her fashion line the last few years. The flagship store opened in London in 2014. She shows consistently at New York Fashion Week. She’s the one who was said to be the holdout, presumably because those days are past her. Fashion has been her priority. That said, as I noted on the podcast, the Spice Girls are apparently being offered big money to get back together. And a business, a fashion business, could always use some extra money, right? 

Yesterday TMZ reported that the Spice Girls will tour the UK and the US starting late summer, which was speculated a few days ago when word began circulating that the reunion was imminent. Then, a few hours later, TMZ, who often does the honourable and important work of making sure men have a voice, followed with another report that the reason Victoria finally agreed was because of “money (and) self-esteem”. Huh? 

Victoria Beckham went from wanting nothing to do with a Spice Girls reunion to being fully on board ... largely because she wants to step out of David Beckham's shadow and do her own thing again ... sources connected to the group tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the Spice Girls will reunite for a concert tour -- probably towards the end of summer -- that will begin in England and migrate over to the U.S. of A.

We're told Victoria and David Beckham often do their own thing, and she's bored with being on the sidelines. Our sources say Victoria wants to "individualize herself" ... and ironically she's doing that by rejoining her group, or as she's put it, "her girls."

Sidelines? What sidelines? Victoria has, arguably, over the last few years, been just as busy as David Beckham if not actually busier. Busier, probably. Because of the label. Because of the collections. What the f-ck are they talking about with “sidelines”? 

Beyond the financial and marketing benefits that a Spice Girls reunion might mean for Victoria Beckham’s fashion interests, here’s what the celebrity voice of the men’s rights movement probably doesn’t understand about VB’s possible other motivations for getting back together with the girls: 

She has a 6 year old daughter. Harper Seven has never seen her mother as a Spice Girl. Cruz may have even been too young to enjoy the 2007 Spice Girls reunion tour. In this current environment of Time’s Up and #MeToo, the Spice Girls and their message of “Girl Power”, while arguably hashtag-simplistic well before hashtag-simplicity was a thing, still has much to offer to conversation. If you’re up on the Beckhams, isn’t that a much more plausible explanation over not wanting to be on the “sidelines”?