Welcome back to What's Your Drama! We kick off this episode with unpacking audio as Lainey is only shopping for star-print clothing these days. We are also talking about blood baths AKA our periods. Come on, we haven't talked about our periods in at least two podcasts so let us have this.  

Then we dive into your drama!


First up, “Juliet” writes in about some friendship woes but it's her heartbreaking backstory that Lainey and I concentrate on. As I mention in the podcast, the letter is fairly lengthy but it's important to listen through it all.

Then we get into even more friend drama. “JB” is miffed at her best friend's husband who during a pandemic, locked in with his wife, decided to drop a bomb: he wants an open marriage. Look, it's not ideal timing, but does “JB” have a reason to hold a grudge?

Finally, we end on “V”. V is a vegan from Vancouver and she's all kinds of irritated about someone bringing their own food into her home. And yup, you guessed it, the food was not plant-based.  


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