Listen, sh-t is cray right now and this virus is nothing to f-ck around with so before Lainey and I dip into your questions we and by "we" I really mean "I" let you into my anxiety spiral. Lainey might call me a germaphobe paranoid freak, but please see the photo below of Jacek trying to adjust my microphone. 


Ummmmkayyyy. I am not the only one.  

Then we switch the mood and get right into our first question which is about our favorite topic: dick pics. Do you have to like them? Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

Next, should you let go of a friendship when you know that said friend is actually in love with you? Is there any good way to carry on without hurting people's feelings?  

Finally to our last writer who is struggling with how to be a boss to her friends in the workplace, can you strike a balance or are the dynamics of the friendship doomed? 

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