We are talking about mammograms today so if anyone wants to participate in the conversation please feel free to slip into my emails. After we talk about making our breasts sandwiches we are ready to eat up your drama!


Our first writer is trying to get her groove back but the guy she has her eye on might cause some family conflict. So does dick trump all? I mean, yeah it does.

Then it's on to Lizzie who is looking for some closure after her friend Alice did her dirty. But things are getting complicated because Alice might be her new colleague and they haven't talked since Alice got with Lizzie's boyfriend. Awkward!!! 

Finally we end with Jane and her friend triangle drama. Here's the Cole's notes: Jane and her friend Marc used to bone. But now they are just friends. But Marc's new girlfriend doesn't know about their deep dicking past. So do Jane and Marc have to come clean or can they pretend it never happened?  


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