If you’ve been reading the site for the last week then you already know that Lainey has a real problem with Taehyung (aka V) of BTS.  So you won’t be surprised that's all she wants to talk about today. Listen, she texts me all damn day about him and if I had an unsubscribe button I would be hitting it.

Then it’s time for your drama. Our first writer is going on a hot-ass date with a guy she’s never met before in...get this... an entirely different area code. So she’s looking for our advice on the do’s and don’ts of sharing a room with a perfect stranger. Like… how do you POO!? 

Next, we dive in on what is and what isn’t fashion cultural appropriation, specifically when it comes to this look by H.E.R at this week's Grammy's. 


We’d love to open up the conversation to all of you listening.  If you have any comments, differing points of view – hit us up!  

Finally, we end on some friend drama. Our anonymous reader wants to know how to save a friendship even though she knows she’s being pushed out of it.  

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