Welcome back! Before we jump into YOUR drama Lainey would like to drag me back into her favorite topic: Korean bands. Thankfully, we are not talking about BTS this time. 

 Our first letter writer is trying to heal the wounds of a recent breakup and being cooped up solo during COVID-19 is not making things any easier. So like, should she, you know, just check up on her ex to, you know, see how he's doing? I think you know what our answer is to that.


Next, what's it like to be stuck living with your ex during the pandemic? Ooooof. Not good. This one has a lot of backstory, but it's necessary to get the whole picture.

And finally, how do you kick your cheap-ass flaky family member out of future plans? I thought this would be an easy solve, but family drama is always so damn complicated.

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