Welcome Back! Before we dive in we need to talk about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s matching half-heart necklaces. Is it cute? Is it corny? Is it okay to be both? 

Then it’s time to get into you drama!


Our first writer has come to a turning point in her life when it comes to her career. As a frontline worker this pandemic has pushed her past her breaking point. Is she a sh-t person for turning her back on such a meaningful, selfless career? Lainey and I dig deep on this.

Next, is sharing a bank account with your ex a good idea? All I’ll say is Lainey gets very Tiger Mom.

Finally, our last letter writer is majorly annoyed at her friend who keeps jacking her steez. Like, we’re not talking the same pair of jeans here and there. We’re talking about copying her life down to the SKU on furniture. 

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