Welcome back to What's Your Drama. Now before we get into this week's letters we have to talk about Normal People, coming to Canada on CBC Gem next week. Have you seen it? Lainey and I of course skim over the direction, the writing, and go straight into the hot-ass chemistry between the two main characters.   


After we cool off, it's time to get to your drama!

First, we get a letter from "confused" who is, well, confused as to what she should do about a colleague who is dressing frumpy at work. Should she step in and help or step away from the entire situation? This is a tough one so if any of you out there have had experience with this we'd love to hear from you.

On to Mike who is trying to get over his ex during this pandemic. He wants to know how to move forward but errrr, Lainey and I go a bit rogue with this answer and don't get to his actual question until the end. Oops sorry. We were recording this after 5pm.

Finally, our last letter writer doesn't know what to do with her little sister who is dating a dud. We help her pinpoint who and what the real problem is. 


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