This week Lainey continues on her "things are normal, right?" rant. She does this weird thing where she declares she's going to do something, this week it's going to the gym, and then somehow turns it on me that it's my fault she can't do it because of COVID. Once we deal with that compulsion it's time to get into your drama.


Remember "driving for dick"?  Well, she's back again with a follow up on top of a follow up. I won't lie, I was so exhausted after hearing her letter, but Gertrude is definitely dickmatized and we need her to snap the hell out of it.  

Then it's onto L who is feeling stuck about what to do when it comes to her friend's upcoming birthday party. It sounds like a banger, but she doesn't know if it's worth the COVID risk.

Finally, we end on Emily who has recently started dating an older man who hasn't officially divorced from his ex. Does that mean he's still hanging on? Is that a red flag? Should she bother putting in any more energy? Our answer might surprise you.

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