By now you might think Bennifer 2021 is old news but I still can't seem to get over the fact that they are back on. I'm concerned for JLo and her love ways, but it should come as no surprise that Lainey finds no issue with it at all.   


Then it's time to get into your drama and you guys brought the heat.

First up is Sarissa who is still licking old best friend breakup wounds. Laura is, in Sarissa's words, "that toxic friend", but she still feels regret on how it ended. Should she reach out or just leave it be?

Then it's on to Jennifer who hits us up with a rant. She's trying to get to the next phase in her life but her partner's brother is shitting on these plans. We help her out with setting some strict ass boundaries.

Lastly, we wrap things up with Mila who is earning major air miles trying to make a relationship work. I let Lainey deliver the bad news to Mila so that for once, I’m not always the person to tell someone to break up.


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