Before we get into your letters this week, Lainey and I talk about our excitement for the new docuseries The Supermodels as well as the other shows we are watching that are slowly terrorizing us. Have you watched The Social Dilemma yet? 


Then it's time for your drama!

The first letter comes from "Penelope" who is struggling to find some common interests with her boyfriend.  Being stuck in quarantine with her man has shed some light on the fact that they might not be as compatible as she once thought they were.

Then it's onto "Cara" who wants to make a move on her boss. The only thing is that G is bisexual and her boss is straight.  So yah, a slight issue, and we unpack whether or not Cara is setting herself up for heartbreak. 


Finally, we end on "G" who also writes in about her boss.  But instead of wanting to make out with her boss she wants to yell at her for polluting the office with her loud-ass voice.  Look, Lainey and I don't have the most sound advice here so if you have any hot tips to pass on to G, I will happily forward them along. 

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