We have a very special guest for this episode: Kayla Grey. If you are not already in love with everything she is about, I'm pretty sure you will be by the end of this episode. I thought Lainey and I were straight shooters but whoa, Kayla does not f-ck around. So let's dive in with YOUR drama!


Our first letter comes from "Eve". Eve is trying to help her sister-in-law, Talia, find a man but the thing is Eve has some pretty specific things she thinks might be holding Talia back. I'm not gonna repeat here what those are, I think it's best for you to just listen to the whole question.

Then it's onto "Lindsay" who over the last few months has really been putting in the work and moving past her old ways when it comes to race and inequality. She's pushing, growing, and shifting her perspectives but the thing is her husband is taking a bitttttt longer to catch up to her level. So how does she remain in a partnership when they aren't seeing eye to eye on some very important issues? The three of us all dig in on this one and share some of our own struggles in the past.


Finally, “Hilary” writes in with a dating dilemma. She and her best bud are both single and yup, they both want the same dude. Is it every woman for herself or are there some friendship codes that need to be put in place?  

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