Welcome back to What's Your Drama but more importantly Gung Hay Fat Choy.  And to lead into the Lunar New Year Lainey shares her tips on what you need to do.  It's not too late, well it kind of is, but at least you can prepare for next year.


Then it's time to get into your drama!  We kick things off with "Madeline".  Oh my god this was a long ass petty letter, but it's worth the listen.  I know that I'm equally as petty when it comes to social media drama so if you want to yell my way with other advice...you know where to find me.

We end the podcast on "Victoria's" drama.  She got rid of her toxic friends but now one of them has invited her to their wedding.  She's torn on whether or not she should go.  Lainey and I rip this off one like a bandaid.

I know this week's a shorty and we had a third question but it f-cked us up a little when we recorded it that we need to sit on for a few more days.  I promise we will revisit it so stay tuned!


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