Boy oh boy is Justin Timberlake in trouble! Well, f-ck, at least I thought he would be. But since the news broke that he was holding hands with his co-star I feel like the story hasn’t had the staying power it would with any other celebrity. Why does he always manage to escape scandals? Fine, if no one else wants to talk about it, Lainey and I will. Any opportunity to sh-t on JT is a good day for Lainey.

Then it’s time for your drama! Our first letter writer is getting all hot and bothered by her superhot contractor and for some reason she thinks this is a problem. Look, I’m not promoting cheating or being disrespectful but good god, if you’re complaining about walking into your house every day and finding an attractive person there, then we have different definitions of what a “problem” is. But then again maybe Lainey and I are just despo, horny people. You decide and let us know. 

Then, is there ever a good reason to be chatting with an ex? Is an ex for an ex for a reason or can you have a completely platonic relationship with a past lover?   

Finally, we end on a writer who doesn’t know how to tell her friend that she hates her soon-to-be husband. Should you say something or do you just suck it up because it’s none of your business?

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