We’ve somehow managed to work Duana’s preference for men of a certain age into yet another podcast today, but this time it’s because Lainey wanted to gush about her latest crush. She is SO real about this one that she won't even reveal his name, even though he lives in mainland China, looks like a plastic doll, and is literally half her age. 

Then we get into your drama! First up: Is it ever okay to snob out someone's job when you've just started dating them? Can you knock someone's hustle even if they are paying the bills? As two people with side gigs, we obviously have some opinions....

Next, we move on to a writer who is struggling with how to deal with her friend's know-it-all plus one. Lainey and I have differing strategies on this one, so let us know which one you agree with more.  

Finally, if the second question was too light, well, things get real with this question because our writer legit HATES his best friend's girlfriend. How do you intervene when things are getting too deep? We dig in.

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