How do we open the show today?  Well, with Lainey's favorite topic on earth - popping zits.  Which then somehow flows into why she thinks it makes sense for me to show her my vulva. So I guess...enjoy?

Then it's time for you drama. Our first writer has started dating a guy that she really likes. All things are good on the sex front but when it comes to what he's packing in the bank account...not so much. So she wants to know if she should stay with a cheapo or move on?

Next, what to do when you're not down with your partner's facial hair? Are you allowed a vote when it's even ruining your sex life?  

Finally, we end on some friend drama. What do you do when your friend becomes your travel buddy but then after a while you don't wanna travel with that buddy anymore? Lainey and I are split on this so we welcome your suggestions as well.

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