Before we dive into your questions Lainey thought it would be appropriate to tell all of you how much better of a friend she is compared to me. I hope this gives you insight into what I deal with. Then she of course haddddddd to bring up the time I confused her with her 70 year old father. In my defense, please look at the evidence below. Come on? Could you tell that's her?  

Sasha confusing Lainey for Lainey's dad
Sasha confusing Lainey for Lainey's dad

Ok then it's on to your drama! First up, we get an update from Destinee. She wrote in a couple of weeks ago about her mother-in-law. Remember? She was the one who wanted to axe her MIL out of ever coming to her house. Well, I guess she thought our advice was sh-t and is back to give us more of a backstory.

Then it's on to "Emily". She is in a long distance relationship and is not feeling the extra weight her partner has put on during COVID. We look into this relationship a bit deeper to see if there is anything else that might be causing her to feel this way about her partner.


Finally, we end on "Jennifer". Jennifer lives in a small town where there's some big drama and she's wondering if she should insert herself into said drama.  

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