Welcome back to What's Your Drama. So you know how Lainey always has a mini tantrum about why she always has to read the questions (she does this again this eps) and I tell her it's just in case I have an audio issue. Well guess what, I had an audio issue this week. It's not horrible but just a heads up that it's not as clear this week. But that doesn't take away from any of the drama that we tackle this week.


We kick things off with V who is dating a guy who has some rules about cleanliness. I won't spoil it for you but I'm pretty sure Lainey wrote this question.  

Then we move on to M who is getting very mixed messages from a co-worker. One minute it's on and then the next it's not. So is M getting dicked around? Spoiler alert: Yes.

Finally we end on an X who is finding single life, especially during this pandemic, very difficult.  She wants to get her swerve on but hates all the apps out there. If there are any single people out there who wanna chime in on this one my email is always open.


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