Today we kick things off with my poo dreams. Yes, my poo dreams. If there are any dream analyzers out there my email is wide open to you. 

First up on the hit list is "Carla". Carla's best bud Molly has gone dark since getting a new boyfriend and Carla is over this behavior. So does she need to suck it up or should she just move on from the friendship?  


Then it's on to "Hadley" who is losing her patience with close friends and family who have really shown their true colors this pandemic. I'm pretty black and white about issues like this but Lainey comes in with the right advice on this one.

Finally, we end on "Petra" who is 23 and has some serious set plans for her future. The only problem is that her current boyfriend might not have the same family vision as she does right now. Lainey and I give Petra a little reality check.

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