Welcome back to What’s Your Drama. I'm sorry we were a little light last month on podcasts but life happened. Hopefully today's longer podcast makes up for it.

Up first we hear from "Lisa". Lisa is half Asian living in a predominantly white small town and feels like she's been abandoned by a lot of her white friends during a time when she needed her buds. To be honest, Lisa might as well be me because I've also felt like a lot of my friends have dropped the ball. So here we are both asking Lainey for some advice on how to deal with this friend drama.


Then we move on to "E" who needs some advice on a dude who's sliding into her DMs. She's ready to do the deed and, as she says, "take on a lover” but we're not sure E's strategy is serving her well.

Finally we end up on some COVID-adjacent drama. "Ellie" is bummed that her friend "Sandy" has taken off on a surf vacation without her. Although Ellie didn’t want to travel during COVID, Sandy did. So is Ellie right in feeling like her friend did her dirty? Jacek texted me after hearing our advice and said it was quote "ridiculously incoherent". I beg to differ.

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