Today we launch right into wanking off into a ziploc bag and I find out what the “cuckold scene” is. I'd suggest reading this link beforehand or admittedly, our conversation comes out of nowhere. But as we mention, please be part of this topic. We want to hear your thoughts so feel free to slide into our dm's at @lostandfoundapothecary and @laineygossip

Then it's onto your drama for the week!


Our first letter comes from "Jane". Jane is over her husband nagging at her ass constantly and doesn't know what to do. Is it a result or COVID close quarters or is she finally seeing her husband's true colors? 

Then we move on to "Brenda and Kelly". Brenda is always bailing on her friends to go be with her boyfriend and Kelly is totally over it. But as Lainey and I discuss, if that's always been Brenda's M.O. then shouldn't Kelly know what she's signing up for....?

Finally, we end on my worst nightmare. "Kourtney" writes in to complain about her friend who loves to just pop on by unannounced or as Lainey calls it "Ding Dong and my three kids". I think it's majorly rude and for some reason Lainey does not agree.  

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