Before we get into your drama Lainey would like to talk to you about her urinary issues. It's too long to get into it here so just take a listen and please feel free let us know about your own stream.


Then it's time to get to your letters and we kick things off with "Julia" who is in an on-again off-again thing with this guy who she knows probably isn't interested in her but she still wants to give it that one good old college try. Lainey and I are surprisingly split on this one.

Next it's over to "Althea" who has really good bridesmaid drama with a pandemic twist. Covid is new territory for everyone and if you're a future bride, I feel like this will give you some things to think about.  

Finally, we end on "Davina". Davina has always put this certain guy from university in the friend zone even though they have messed around before. But now she might want something more but before she let him know she cut off the friendship. Should she just move on without him or should she confess her love?  


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