Lainey and I can't get enough of Zoom Dick so clearly we had to break down what Zoom Dick is, how Zoom Dick happened, and why anyone in their right mind would do Zoom Dick. And after all the Zoom Dicking we get into your drama!

First we hear from "Jennifer" who has just started dating "Alex". She really likes Alex but she isn't getting those butterflies she once had for her ex "Nate". Is that a problem? We dig in.


Then it's onto “Julia” who has been struggling for many years with chronic pain and the inability to leave her house often. If that wasn't hard enough, her friend "Stacey" hasn't been stepping up to support her so is it finally time to axe Stacey or does she need to give her another chance? (Lainey: This is when I surprise Sasha and tell her about my new friend … and how we bonded. Guess?!)

Finally we end on "C" who has a question about cold sores and when you need to break the news to someone that you have them.

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