Dear Gossips,   

What’s on the watch list this weekend – if you’re not at the club, that is? My club is the golf course but when I’m not golfing, this weekend will most likely belong to Devi Vishwakumar and season three of Never Have I Ever. I can’t f-cking wait. 


As the trailer tells us, we are now living in the time of “Daxton”, LOL. Devi and Paxton Hall-Yoshida are official. But “be careful what you thirst for” as the kids say because that doesn’t mean Devi’s solved all her problems. Of course not. Devi is a drama queen, and that’s why I love her. Because she’s a teenager. Because she’s been grieving. Because teens often aren’t yet equipped to process their emotions in the most productive ways – how could they be when even adults don’t get it right? That’s why she can be such a dick sometimes. Being an asshole who makes bad decisions is what makes Devi compelling. Her choices are not always the right choices; but at the same time, we want to see her grow from her mistakes. We are rooting for her, not because we like her necessarily, but because we understand her. That’s a testament to the writing on the show and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan’s performance – she is SO f-cking good in this role, it’s another reason to eyeroll the Television Academy and all the major awards boards, frankly, for ignoring her and the show. I’ll say it again: enough with Mrs Maisel already. 


Anyway, back to Devi and Daxton and the inevitable complications that will ensue because Devi is always a hot mess but then again who wouldn’t be when you go from school nerd to dating the most popular guy in school? And then there’s also Ben because the rom-com love triangle trope always hits, but wait…is the love triangle becoming a rectangle? 

Well hello, Des. And more stress for Devi. More stress for me too because I watched the first two seasons one episode a day and … I don’t know if I can maintain that schedule this time. I might not be able to stop myself from ripping through it in a day and then being mad at myself on Sunday morning for not having anything else to look forward to. 


Here are some shots of Maitreyi and Mindy Kaling promoting Never Have I Ever in New York this week.   


Yours in gossip,