The Ocean’s 8 UK premiere was last night. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Helen Bonham Carter, and Rihanna were all there and naturally, they brought the fashion porn. Can we agree that whenever Rihanna wears something, there’s no point in complaining? Nobody should be expecting Rihanna to “dress to please”. Nothing she ever does is to “please” anyone. Including when she decides to arrive. Rihanna did not make it for the group shot. I don’t think that has anything to do with her relationship to the other women. Probably it has to do with the fact that there’s everyone else time and then there’s Rihanna Time. 

After the premiere, everyone went to the after-party, including Rihanna, which is where one of these shots of Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall were taken. She looks amazing in this jumpsuit but the real star of the outfit is her hair – perfect, perfect, PERFECT beachy waves. Have you seen the movie yet? Her hair is amazing throughout the movie. They get the texture and the volume exactly right. Cate Blanchett’s hair in the movie is also terrific. Those bangs are not easy. 

One more quick note about Sandy and Bryan – he’s been wearing a band on that finger. She’s not but more people are looking at her. Is this something to investigate? How much do you care? I don’t think I care all that much. Because it doesn’t advance much of the story. They’re so happy. They’ve been so happy for a few years. 

Let’s move on now to this adorable interview that Sandy and Cate did together with a reporter called Lydia. Lydia was, evidently, wearing a great outfit. And both Sandy and Cate were feeling it, especially Cate. Which is pretty much the best style compliment considering Cate Blanchett’s style. Cate liked it so much she came back to the outfit, in particular the skirt, at the end, to find out the label. 

I mean, if this happened to me, it would be the only story in my biography. But we don’t get a chance to see what, exactly, the skirt looks like! So I had to go looking online for Lydia. Here she is, full outfit photo: 

Nice work, Lydia!