Camilla the Queen Consort and her coronation crown – which one will she wear? It’s not like she’s the most popular person …should she consider one that won’t get her yelled at?! (Cele|bitchy) 


I posted yesterday about Ben Affleck’s Super Bowl partnership with Dunkin’ and that it was a win on multiple levels for him, professionally. And, evidently, financially too. Because that’s a big pay cheque that should help with the new estate he and JLo just put an offer on. (Dlisted) 

Penelope Cruz at the Goya Awards in a black dress, I think? Because it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, you won’t notice it, all you’ll see is bangs… which … I don’t mind a bang, it’s just that this bang is so overpowering, it’s taking over the whole look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

What is a food that can ruin or elevate a sandwich? My pick for what elevates a sandwich is kimchi. Seriously. Try it. Goes with almost everything. My pick for what ruins a sandwich is… lettuce. I HATE lettuce in a sandwich. I have to put up with it all the time but there are better options. Nothing against lettuce, I love it, just not in a sandwich. In a sandwich, I will sub out lettuce for cucumber whenever I have the option. (Pajiba) 

This is the big news in fashion today: Pharrell is taking over from the late Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton …which… I mean he has great style. Really, really great style. But as a creative director, I don’t know if I’m convinced. (Business of Fashion)