The British royal family is all about titles and symbolism and ceremony. The Queen’s funeral and all the events leading up to it then will be heavy on all of that presentation and now they’ve found themselves in a situation about military uniforms. In other words… CLOTHING.


This was an issue at Prince Philip’s funeral, because Prince Andrew who served in the Falklands is the family shame and is no longer allowed to wear uniform. But while Prince Harry has never been accused of sexual assault and engaging in sex trafficking, he too has been stripped of the right to wear uniform despite serving two tours in Afghanistan. Before Philip’s funeral, Andrew reportedly threw a hissy and demanded to be allowed to put on his uniform but that would leave Harry as the only one who wasn’t in uniform so the Queen ultimately decided that no one would go in uniform. 

But the Queen’s funeral is a whole different situation because she was the head of state, and it’s to be a state funeral. So the uniforms are coming out for everyone… but Andrew and Harry. There are five ceremonial events in the coming days which will see members of the royal family step out in uniform. Buckingham Palace has confirmed that only working members of the family will be in uniform which means that Andrew will be the only one not in uniform today when he joins his brothers and sister as they walk behind the Queen’s coffin from the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 


But Andrew has been given an exemption. As a “final mark of respect” for his mother, he’s been granted permission to wear uniform for the final vigil at Westminster Hall later this week. According to the Telegraph it is “thought likely to be the full military dress uniform of a Rear Admiral of the Navy, the only military rank which he still holds”. He’ll be super puffy that day, no doubt. 

As for Harry? No uniform at any point for him. 


And this just after Harry called the Queen his “Commander-in-Chief” in his statement to honour his Queen. 


It’s probably crushing for Harry and controversial for the royal family. Because if you can make an exception for the prince who is a total disgrace due to his relationship with a dead pedophile rapist and his accomplice, why not an exception for the son of the King who served for a decade in the military and who continues to do great work with veterans and servicepeople around the world? 

The hope for London Bridge and Operation Unicorn was supposed to be smooth execution. Doesn’t seem like they can avoid the controversy.