Please know that I do not want to be made responsible and should not be held accountable for what Sasha says about Beyoncé on this week’s episode of Sasha Answers. I take full responsibility and accountability, however, for what I say about ear zits and smelling them. 

Matt Lauer is apparently trying to convince his wife, Annette, to stay married to him. Let’s explore this. What would you say to Annette Lauer if you were Matt Lauer in making your case? I know I sexually harassed my colleagues and pulled my dick out in my office while pressing the secret button under my desk but… what?! What comes after that? What comes after “I’ve cheated on you rampantly, and I’ve harassed my colleagues, and now I’ve been disgraced – and fired! – but you should stay with me because…”? Because I need to make sure people see that I’m worth staying with. THAT’s what this is about, isn’t it? (Dlisted) 

Agreed. This dress on Joanna Froggatt is a problem all by itself. But. I’m not sure we would have noticed if not for those very, very unfortunate, very, very incomprehensible red shoes. Jesus. What are those red shoes doing there? It’s almost like they crept into the photo and made themselves a part of the outfit without being invited. Interloping red shoes, the new creepy fashion trend. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Kirsten Dunst might be pregnant. But I’m more interested in where she’s getting married: Austin! Do you know what this means? If you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights, you don’t. So there’s my monthly reminder to you, like a menstrual cycle, to please watch FNL because you need to get your life. Anyway, FNL was shot in and around Austin. And Jesse Plemons played Landry aka Lance on FNL. Which means… OMGGGG is Crucifictorius going to be the wedding band?!? (Cele|bitchy) 

A cute dog photo is one thing. But you also need a great caption to go with it to really take it to the next level. The first dog and the first caption KILL me. Because he really does look like he thinks he’s hot sh-t and should be photographed by Mario Testino. (Buzzfeed) 

Ummm…where the f-ck was I when this hat incident went down?! Have you heard the story of the blue hat in Brooklyn? Did this contribute to outrage culture? Can you believe all that sh-t went down over a lost and found hat? Ok but you know what I think also adds to craziness of it? Even the names, even the names of the players involved are so OF COURSE. Right?!? (The Cut) 

All year, we’ve been side-barring about who’s the Best Chris of all the Hollywood Chrises. This is where Kathleen tries to insert herself into the conversation and yell in your face that Chris Pine is the Best Chris. Now that we’re almost at the end of the year, let’s assess 2017 in terms of Chrises. It was a good Chris. (Mashable)