Oscars fashion controversy! Lupita Nyong’o wore a custom Armani Prive gown to the 2024 Oscars with a feathered peplum and hem, which was 1) a dress originally designed for 2020 but Lupita ended up hanging onto it till now and 2) supposedly a “tribute” to her iconic 2014 Oscar dress in which she won Best Supporting Actress. 


Here is that dress:


What color is this dress?! Because the dress Lupita wore last night is like, periwinkle. And it’s body con, not princessy. I suppose the plunging V neckline is similar? Not as deep as the 2014 gown, but the same idea, anyway. But definitely not the same color!


I mean, is any color sky blue now? Is Hailee Steinfeld’s seashell gown sky blue? Florence Pugh’s fashion robot dress? Anya Taylor-Joy’s modern interpretation of the legendary Dior Junon/Venus gowns which is DEFINITELY gray and not sky blue? IS it sky blue?! Anya Taylor-Joy went to the Vanity Fair afterparty dressed like Black Swan—is THAT sky blue? Also at Vanity Far Lupita wore a black sequined gown with purple and green bits, IS THAT SKY BLUE???

There was definitely a blue trend last night, which one Twitter user called “Cinderella blue”. 


The little girl from The Last Repair Shop is Porché Brinker, who was one of the students featured in the short documentary and went to the Oscars. I am happy to go with the Cinderella blue trend if for no other reason than Porché looked like she was having the time of her life. But it’s still not sky blue!