Dear Gossips, 

The deadline is tonight. SAG-AFTRA’s current contract expires at midnight PT and, as we know, the actors have already agreed to strike should a new deal that addresses their concerns not be reached. And this deadline was already a push from the original deadline which was June 30. So, you can imagine, the last few days have been critical. 


Which is why Fran Drescher is in some sh-t right now. As president of the actors’ union, most people would expect that negotiations are her top priority. But she showed up on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram from Italy and the Dolce & Gabbana presentation. 


Fran’s had a relationship with D&G since The Nanny days and they’re saying that this was a brand commitment, that she was there to honour a partnership – in other words, it was work. But the optics… aren’t great. And it’s not like Kim’s reputation is all that great right now where strikes are concerned. The writers have been on strike for weeks. Actors are supposed to be in solidarity with the writers, but Kim allegedly crossed picket lines to film American Horror Story. So for Fran to be making pouty faces with Kim on social media, at this specific time… it’s not a good look. 

Fran is supposed to be back in LA by now and involved with last minute talks. But it’s not great for her if her peers aren’t exactly thrilled to see her getting all glammed up while the livelihoods of so many are on the line. 

In just a matter of hours we’ll see whether or not Hollywood will be at a standstill. 

Yours in gossip,