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JUST A FEW MORE HOURS NOW. You know what we’re counting down to. Duana and Kathleen are coming over tonight/tomorrow morning at 130am. We’re watching #BeyoncéHomecoming together from 3am-517am. Then we’re going straight into the podcast. Because OF COURSE Beyoncé is worth an all-nighter. 

Michael K is right. We should not have been so focused on Game of Thrones yesterday because we almost lost someone much more precious. It’s a relief that she’s OK and even though, obviously, I’m not happy that this happened to her, it did make me really happy that Michael wrote about it because this is a post worthy of the one and only Joan Collins. (Dlisted) 

I love gross sh-t and I hate scary sh-t and this is some f-cking terrifying sh-t. WHYYYY do people enjoy haunting stories? Bill Hader has a haunting story. He was haunted by a cat. Which doesn’t make it any less frightening! There is always some f-cked up energy in hotels, no matter the hotels. Whenever I stay at a hotel, I voodoo the sh-t out of my room, all kinds of tricks my ma taught me to ward off the unliving and/or thwart them should they attempt to come near. (Cele|bitchy) 

Yes. YESSSSSSS to this pink on pink on pink outfit on Gabrielle Union. I don’t think I would like this suit so much if she hadn’t paired it with an exact-matching pink shirt underneath, and maybe even a tie. (Go Fug Yourself) 

EL James, the author if Fifty Shades of Grey, has written a new book. Spoiler alert: it’s bad. I don’t think that was really a spoiler. Like, I read my fair share of horny books. I LOVE a horny book. But she’s never served it for me and I’m sad that so many other and better horny books haven’t gotten the same amount of attention because it IS an art form. (Pajiba) 

No one was expecting the Wendy Williams divorce to go smoothly. And it’s not going smoothly. Her estranged husband is still working on her show. He’s trying to apologise now and keep his job and they’re saying he’s going to be fired soon. I hope she keeps her strength, I really, really hope she keeps her strength. (TMZ) 

A world treasure was devastated by fire yesterday. Today there are leaders who have stepped up to offer hope so that Notre Dame can be restored. Here’s an essay by Rachel Donadio about what the cathedral represents and why it’s the national symbol of France. (The Atlantic)


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