I didn’t think she would but Taylor Swift was indeed in Wisconsin to watch Travis Kelce and Kansas City play Green Bay yesterday… and it was the first time she was in attendance for a loss. Which, for our rom-com purposes, is not a bad thing. If you are a KC fan, sorry about your team, but we are not here to talk about sports, we are here to talk about a love story. And in the context of our love story, the result of yesterday’s game is exactly what the audience needs. Maybe not what the audience wanted, but need > want, always. We’ll come back to this in a minute. 


Let’s get to the visuals. Taylor showed up in a black top and a black mini over high boots and a red coat and social media is speculating that borrowed the coat from Brittany Mahomes who flew on Taylor’s jet to get to Wisconsin. 


Taylor and Travis hung out with Patrick and Brittany in KC last week, seen at a holiday party that was costume themed. Apparently TNT wore matching squirrel sweaters, a nod to one of his past tweets where he spelled “squirrel” wrong. 


The takeaway here is that she’s spending her down time with him in his city, with short breaks to London, of course, in support of the Queen of Culture, Beyoncé. So to go back to the loss… 

First of all, Taylor wasn’t the only champion WAG in the house. Simone Biles was also there supporting her husband, Jonathan Owens who plays for the Packers. 


Taking an L in the presence of the greatest gymnast of all time? We’re not crying over this. 

And adversity is good for a relationship! It’s good for a show! If every episode was perfect, it would be boring. You need the ups, you need the downs, you need the curves and the loops, the highs and the lows, of a good ride. If TNT is the endgame, they need to be tested. One loss on the field isn’t exactly a test, but for the purposes of our narrative, they do need to see each other, occasionally, when it’s not happy happy perfect perfect all the time. And as a viewer, I need to see this to stay invested. Otherwise it all falls flat.