The Governors Awards were last night, and several people wore outfits I like better than their Golden Globes fits. The Governors Awards are not televised, so in these cases, I cannot figure out why the better dress wasn’t worn on TV? 


For instance, I like Carey Mulligan’s black and white gown way more than her black and silver gown at the Globes. The Globes dress is Schiaparelli, and as of this writing, I don’t have an ID on Carey’s Governors Award dress, but it has a similar silhouette, though it is a straight column where the Globes dress is a trumpet. Obviously, this was the runner up to the Schiaparelli, but for me, it’s the superior dress, more dramatic and striking in its shape with the shoulder detail.


Fantasia Barrino also went for black and white, in a black velvet gown with an ivory-colored peplum (are peplums back: discuss). It’s SO much better than her Globes gown, which looked like it had a curtain tacked to the bottom. I know purple is a style commandment for The Color Purple cast, but this achromatic gown actually looks finished and not like a failed Project Runway assignment. 

Natalie Portman wore a sparkly floral Dior gown to the Globes, which I find very boring because she’s worn versions of this dress for years. To the Governors Awards, though, she wore a black halter with a chain detail. Sexy! A little dominatrix-y! Befitting her current awards run for playing a manipulative actress who shapeshifts into whatever character she’s playing. Emily Blunt also did a lot better at the Governors Awards, in a black dress with a bejeweled neck detail. More dramatic, more striking, more flattering. (For Florence Pugh, though, I preferred her Globes look.)


Finally, for everyone sick of Margot Robbie wearing Barbie pink, behold, she also went for a black dress with silver detailing. This still looks Barbie-ish to me, though! It looks like one of the evening gown Barbies. Maybe this is the beginning of a non-pink streak for her, though I do wonder if her red carpet strategy will be the same now as it was last summer—pink everywhere all the time until the big show, when she’ll pull out an alternative color. Remember how she wore black to the Los Angeles premiere of Barbie? It came after a sea of pink. But maybe she’s only wearing black now because the Governors Awards aren’t televised, so there’s no sense in wasting one of the Barbie dresses. I guess we’ll find out this weekend at the Critics Choice Awards.